Join our membership, at ROGA

Receive a monthly massage at a special membership rate.
Choose a standing appointment or a monthly that you treatment you schedule when you are ready.

60 MIN

300 ILS per month
(instead of 350)

75 MIN

340 ILS per month
(instead of 400)

90 MIN

380 ILS per month
(instead of 450)

120 MIN

470 ILS per month
(instead of 550)

The client will be charged once a month for a massage at the membership rate. / Any additional massages will be charged the discounted rate. / Memberships are without contract and can be stopped at any point. Unused treatments will roll over for 6 months past the cancellation and after that can be redeemed by adding the amount that was discounted per treatment. / Paid treatments never expire. / Clients will have the option to schedule a standing appointment and can cancel up to 24 hours prior without charge. / Cancellations in the 24 hours prior to the massage will be charged 50%. a no show will be charged in full. / Clients will receive a reminder 3 days prior to the monthly charge and an additional reminder one day before.